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Community Giving

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Support Troost39 in three way  Donate Goods, Donate Your Time or Talent through Volunteering and you can Donate Financially, to support!

Community Giving 

Item Donations 

Troost39 Thrift Store exists in order to be a vital contributor in improving the lives of those who live, work, shop, and travel the 39th and Troost community at large.  We thank you for your contributions and continuing support.


We gratefully accept donations of the following in clean and working condition:

We CANNOT accept the following donations:

Clothing & Shoes

Furniture Small Appliances & Fridges

Electronic Equipment

Household Items

Toys & Games

Sports Equipment

Art & Media

Indoor/Outdoor Tools

Room Air Conditioners & Fans

Space Heaters

Mattresses & Beds

Baby Cribs & Car Seats

Large Appliances

Window Shades

Cell Phones


Safety Recalled Items

Items Containing Gas/Chemicals

Damaged or Stained Items


Time & Talent

Sometimes the only thing we have to give is time. We would love for you to donate that to us too! Come down to Troost39 and get immersed into our culture and community. You may be able to help fold, sort, paint, clean, stack, build, fix, sell or greet! Whatever your skills or desires, we’d be happy to have you.

Volunteer with Us

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Monetary Donations

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As a non-profit, Troost39 Thrift Store relies on the generosity of our community to continue serving our neighbors in need. Your donation helps us keep our prices affordable, provides employment opportunities, and supports the programs we offer to assist families in need. Whether it's a one-time donation or a recurring contribution, your support is vital to our mission. Thank you for considering donating to Troost39 Thrift Store!

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