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Fashion For All!

Shop affordable fashion for the whole family. Browse an amazing selection of vintage, classic, and trendy pieces for men, women, and children. 

Shop Troost39

Located on the corner of 39th & Troost, we’re one of the most accessible retail shops in the metro. Street parking is available out front, as well as in our huge lot on the north side of the store. There is direct access to the Donation Drop-Off in the northwest corner of the store from the lot. Located directly on the Troost Max route, the bus stops over 150 times Monday through Friday, right out front of our retail location.

Competitive Rates

Clothing Items:

Women’s & Men’s Clothing

($2.50 – $4.00)
Men’s Suits  ($8.00 – $15.00)
Bridal Gowns  ($25.00)
Formal Gowns  ($10-$15.00)
Toddlers  ($0.50 per item)
Kid’s Clothing & Shoes ($1.00)

Electronic Items:

Radios, CD players, Tuners, Speakers, etc. ($3.00 – $10.00)


Tables, Lamps, Desks, Futons, Dressers ($6.00 – $80.00)


Roll-aboards, Suitcases, Backpacks, Purses  ($2.50 – $8.00)

Household Items:

Linens & Bed Sheet Sets ($0.25 – $4.00)
Dishes, Pots & Pans, Tupperware ($0.50 – $4.00)

Art, Books & Music:

Books ($0.50 cents soft cover; $1.00 Hardcover)
DVD’s ($2.00)
CD’s ($1.00)
VHS ($0.25)
Vinyl ($1.00)
Paintings & Posters

Small Appliances:

Irons, Toasters, Blenders, Mixers, etc. ($3.00 – $6.00)


What Makes Us Unique


Delivery Details

We know that not all furniture items can fit in your car — or on the bus! That’s why we offer our weekly Troost39 Furniture Delivery Service. When you purchase a piece of furniture from Troost39, we will be happy to deliver it to you for a $30.00 delivery fee, payable at time of purchase. Just fill out a delivery form – available at the Troost39 front desk – with your address and phone number, and we’ll put you on the schedule for our next delivery day. Easy!

Vintage Gallery 

Join our email list to get the first look at some of our hidden treasures:

Vintage Telephone:  Old School!

Memorabilia from 1976 Republican National Convention in Kansas City

Life Magazine Issues:  April 12, April 19, 1968

1940’s vintage gown

New-in-the box Stewart Weitzman satin pumps

Victorian parlor chair

1918 Kansas farm quilt

English bone china

Shaker figurine by a Kentucky artist

14K gold & sapphire tennis bracelet

vinage gallery


Thrift store shopping doesn’t have to consist of only purchasing clothes – make it a journey to discover cool thrift store finds that you need in your life. Troost39 has a wide selection of items including: clothing items, household items, luggage, furniture, arts, books, music and more. Visit Troost39 to see what items can make it into your #troostyle finds.

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